Take an Active Role in Your Recovery

Laura Theunisse | Pilates Physical Therapy

About Pilates Based Physical Therapy

Pilates-Based Physical Therapy is an approach to healing grounded in the moving body. Instead of just looking at a specific injury or symptom, we assess and treat the whole person through Pilates exercises and traditional physical therapy methods. We are particularly adept at identifying and correcting problematic postural and movement patterns that can cause you pain. We believe that you can feel better when you move better.

About Laura

Laura received her BS in Physiology from UCLA and then Masters in Physical Therapy from California State University, Long Beach. Since then she moved to North Carolina and has been practicing Physical Therapy in Union County. Laura is experienced in everything from post-surgical patients, neurologic and balance disorders to orthopedic and spine injuries and more.

She began pilates as a form of exercise and realized the therapeutic qualities and the benefits it would bring her patients. Over the past year Laura has been receiving training for Pilates-based rehabilitation and fitness Pilates through STOTT PILATES®. She is excited to bring this more wellness-based approach to traditional therapy needs.

In addition to the pilates courses she is passionate about continuing her education and plans to take additional classes in order to bring her patients the best care. Laura lives in Waxhaw with her husband and her two sons.